There has been a push nationally to make our sport system in this country as safe and positive as possible. It is widely recognized that when disputes arise they are a drain on the sport system, absorbing time, volunteer/staff resources, money, and energy that could otherwise be invested to increase development, opportunity, and participation in sport across the province. 

The Program is a collaboration between Sport New Brunswick (SNB) and the Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture (Sport & Recreation Branch) (SRB). The Program strives to provide support to a complainant within the New Brunswick amateur sport system for certain disputes by an unbiased third-party mechanism.

Sport NB has proudly partnered with ITP sport for the administration of the NBSSDRP. All complaints will now be received through WhistleBlower Security Inc., a secure and independent reporting intake and case management system.  This multilingual (150 languages) phone line and secure online platform is available to members 24/7/365, and ensures that all complaints are managed through independent expert consultation services.   

To file a complaint, please call 1-800-758-9412 or visit the website at: